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Getting started
After prostate cancer diagnosis is confirmed
Managing your emotions
Understanding your man's emotions
Why it's important to learn all you can
Get and stay organized
Searching the Internet for information
Pros and cons of telling others
Support for you and him
Family matters and concerns
Finding faith when you just can't
Questions to ask the doctor
"Bill of Rights" for wives/partners

Prostate Cancer 101
Prostate cancer 101
What is prostate cancer?
What are the causes?
Symptoms of prostate cancer
Prostate-specific antigen
The prostate exam
Prostate cancer diagnosis
Gleason score
Prostate cancer staging
Advanced prostate cancer

Prostate cancer treatments
Surgery for prostate cancer
Radical retropubic prostatectomy
Radical perineal prostatectomy
Laparoscopic radical prostatectomy
Robotic-assisted laparoscopic radical prostatectomy
Radiation treatment
External beam radiation therapy
Internal radiation therapy
Proton therapy vs EBRT
Hormone therapy
Watchful waiting
Alternative treatments

Your Sex Life
Sex after prostate cancer
Penile rehabilitation
Impotence: what your man may be feeling
Impotence and sexual intimacy
Sexual problems after prostate cancer: Insights
Self pleasuring may re-engage your sex life
Penetrative sex after prostate cancer
Orgasms after prostate cancer treatment
Leaking urine during sex
Sensate focus exercises
Seeking help from a sex therapist
Erectile dysfunction (ED) drugs
Self-injected drugs
Vacuum pump devices
Urethral pellets
Penile implants
Strap-on penile prosthesis
Natural remedies for impotence

Coping with incontinence
Kegel exercises for men
Collagen injections
Sling procedure
Artificial urinary sphincter

Helpful Tips
Talking to your loved one's doctors

Ways to help support your man

Preparing for prostate cancer surgery

Coping after prostate cancer surgery

Preparing for external beam radiation treatment

Sex for the first time after prostate cancer treatment

Prostate cancer disability benefits

Managing Stress
Stress and prostate cancer
The many sides of stress
Stress quiz
Symptoms of depression
Why men and women react differently to stress
Turn down the volume on your anxious talk
Meditate for 30 days and see the change
Express your anger if you need to
Anxiety and prostate cancer

Why is it so hard to understand each other?
Why women and men speak a different language
What men hear when women talk
What your anger is really telling you
Why the blame game never works
Communicating to get your needs met
When men avoid conversation altogether

Stories of Hope
Stories of courage and strength
I thought my husband was too young
Well-prepared for prostate cancer surgery
One year after da Vinci prostatectomy
Thought our sex life was over, but it wasn't
Despite ADT, we have found what works for us
Living with metastatic prostate cancer
Prostate cancer didn't steal our intimacy
Prostate cancer recurrence but keeping the faith
A PCa man shares his humor about impotence
Rabbi Ed Weinsberg shares his story
Androgen deprivation and bedroom role reversal
Letter to a friend with prostate cancer
At age 54, surgery was right for me
Prostate cancer and me: One man's journey

Support Groups
Support groups for wives and partners

Cancer is Back
Prostate cancer recurrence: every couple's fear
Salvage radiation treatment
Salvage radical prostatectomy
Salvage cryotherapy
Hormone therapy
Watchful waiting
Metastatic prostate cancer
Prostate cancer disability benefits

Questions and Answers
Prostate cancer questions and answers
Are there earlier signs of prostate cancer?
What is PSA velocity?
Is proton therapy better than EBRT?
What is late stage prostate cancer?

Prostate cancer and nutrition
Lycopene benefit in prostate cancer not clear
Pomegranate juice holds promise for prostate cancer
Soy shows potential in prostate cancer
The role of green tea in prostate cancer treatment
Is vitamin D a wonder drug for prostate cancer?

Prostate cancer books

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