Prostate Cancer Didn't Steal
Our Sexual Intimacy

"After 10 post-divorce lonely years, I met and have now married my soulmate."

Both in our 60s, we are more sexually active than we ever were in our previous long marriages, despite his having a radical prostatectomy 3 years before we met.

Penile injections enable very long and strenuous sessions, but love and imagination enable us to make love in many different ways without chemicals most days.

Mouths, hands, toys and occasional porn all help us have enormous fun and fulfillment, and like others on this site, we have learned that the quality of our love lives has improved substantially post surgery as the need to talk, understand, take turns to reach out and take time has raised the experience to a much higher plane.

Cast off your inhibitions. Tell your partner what works for you and show him how much you love him and make sure real intimacy is a major feature of your lives together.

Submitted by a wife from London on March 29, 2013.

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